Watercolour Brush Pens - 24 Set

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Work at home or when you are out and about with no fuss, and no mess. Organise and secure your brush pens perfectly with the supplied sturdy travel case. The refillable blending brush that comes in the box replaces the need for additional water to be carried.

    • FOR ARTISTS and AMATEURS - Whether you are a professional artist or an amateur, you can create your best watercolour art using these premium quality vibrant Watercolour Brush Pens.
    • NON-TOXIC - I CREATE Brush Pens use high-quality water-based pigments which blend easily and seamlessly. Odourless and acid-free for peace of mind.
    • FINE or BROAD BRUSH STROKES - Colour or write with broad or fine brush strokes. Blend your colours into one another using different stroke breadths, and to create perfect shadow effects.
    • FREE Blending Brush - To open it, unscrew the other way round (clockwise). This is a security feature to stop water spillage.
    • 2 VARIANTS - Matching Colour Barrels (for young artists) and Black Barrels (for professional artists). The ink inside remains the same.