Neon Acrylic Paint Pens - 6 Pack

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🖍 WHAT'S INCLUDED: 6 vibrant and long-lasting Neon colours acrylic paint pens - Violet, Blue, Pink, Orange, Lime Yellow & Grass Green

🖍 WATER-BASED: Acrylic paint pens with 2mm tips, suitable for painting large areas.

🖍 MULTI-SURFACE: Ideal for painting on almost any surface - Glass, Metal, Porcelain, Wood, Stone, Fabric, Blackboard, Plastic, Paper, and many more

🖍 WEATHER RESISTANT: The acrylic ink flowing through these pens is eco-friendly, non-toxic; water, weather, and UV resistant.

🖍 HOW TO USE: Shake well before use. Press the tip down several times. The ink will start flowing through the tip. Recap after use. Story horizontally in a cool and dry place. Create a fantastic melange of colours with art and text that shine bright in the daylight